Fast Results

I want to thank you for the results you have given me in just a few short weeks of treatments. I came to you with a severe lower back pain, apparently due to a pinched sciatic nerve, and from the first treatment I started feeling relief. You made it possible for me to continue working without taking any sick days.

– Richard Allen, Sherman Oaks, CA

Spine Alignment Alieved Ear Pain

For over a year I had been hearing static in my left ear and having neck pain which was increasingly getting worse. After seeing an ENT specialist and having an MRI on my auditory canal that left me with no diagnosis I was beginning to feel nervous and was still in pain. Then one fateful day my manager, Leila Drewes, suggested that I make an appointment with you.

I must admit I never thought of seeing a chiropractor for this problem. I had no idea the static in my ear was associated to my desperately needing my spine aligning. The static has lessened tremendously and now I can actually turn my head all the way to the left without pain.

– Kristine Angelino

Pain Free Despite Arthritis in the Spine

Dr. John has helped me get through the most painful times of my life. I suffer from arthritis in the spine and could not get up in the morning due to the severe pain in my neck and back. Since seeing Dr. John, I have less pain due to the arthritis and have been able to get up in the morning pain free.

– Ira Leslie, Emmy Award Winner

Admiration & Thankful

“Five years ago I lived with terrible back pain. I could not move or do the simplest things, but since April of 2009 when I started my therapy here, It’s like I have been given a new life.”

“I started doing things that I stopped doing for a long time. Such as dancing, working, laughing and over all I enjoy life again. It feels like a new begining and a new chapter in my life.”

“I owe you, all you have done for me Dr. John Austria with all my respect and appreciation a thousand thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“P.S. You have a beautiful family and Staff.”

Luisa Yescas

Improving Family Health

Dear Dr. John,

Thank you so much for adjusting harlie-Jayne! Right after you left the hospital she started latching on perfectly. Thank you once again for serving my family and improving our health.

Many thanks, Eli, Jenn and Harlei-Jayne Moeller